Kaula - the purest and finest array of the choicest of spices and herbs.
The brand name for over 250 special products that combine freshness with fragrance, Kaula comprises a variety of spices, frozen and dry foods.

This new venture from the KRC International Group that introduced brands such as Ramble, Joggy, Border, Golden Concept Catering, Fresh Food Restaurant and so on is being marketed across the GCC by KRC International FZE. This new range of the best of food products is fast becoming a big sensation among the people who savour taste and health above everything else.

The very special spices that Kaula brings
to the market has been procured, processed and packed from India. The choicest of spices
have been handpicked and made ready from
this incredible country to flavor the moments
of lakhs of people across the world.
Kaula, on this endeavour, has established
a full-fledged, state-of-the-art unit for the manufacturing and packaging of these
precious spices at Kochi, a fast-growing city
located in the Indian state of Kerala. This unit
has all it takes to assure top quality and
hygiene of these food products. And besides, preserve the natural freshness of spices,
assuring that all its magical properties are
Moreover, when this special brand is being
introduced by a group that has proved its
mettle and authority in the market, what
doubt more would anyone have regarding its superlative quality and the impending impact!